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Smoking is the leading preventable cause of morbidity and mortality, yet over 60% of daily smokers in Hong Kong still haven't tried or are unwilling to quit. The World Health Organization recommends all healthcare professionals to deliver brief smoking cessation advice to patients in order to motivate smokers to quit.

The very brief smoking cessation advice has been scientifically proven both overseas and locally to be effective in motivating smokers to quit and increasing tobacco abstinence rate in as short as 30 seconds.

The Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office, HKU School of Nursing and HKU School of Public Health have prepared an online self-directed training set, which will empower healthcare professionals (including doctors, dentists, nurses, Chinese medicine practitioners, pharmacists, dietitians and allied health professionals) to deliver a very brief advice on smoking cessation.

Steps of the self-directed training:

1. Watch the 3 videos below. Each takes around 2 minutes
2. Read the handouts to further understand the video content
3. Answer the self-assessment questionnaire to revise the training content 

Module 1

Importance of Brief Smoking Cessation Advice

Module 2

Very Brief Advice on Smoking Cessation

Module 3

Active Referral of Smoking Cessation Service

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